Knight delivers exceptional property management services for the best possible value with a single daily goal in mind: Tenant Retention. Our skilled team takes a critical perspective aimed at protecting and enhancing the asset over the long term. We leverage our knowledge of building operations and leasing with proprietary tools and techniques to help owners realize the full potential of their investment. The foundation of our company is built on high standards of excellence and an unyielding commitment to overall customer satisfaction. As your service provider, we customize our approach to achieve your distinct property objectives.

Real Estate Management Portfolio

Our real estate management portfolio includes:

  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Centers
  • Industrial/Warehouse Sites
  • Medical Buildings
  • Land Parcels
  • Property Owner Associations

Comprehensive Property Management

Our comprehensive property management discipline includes:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Tenant Relations
  • Physical Plant Review
  • Direction of Maintenance/Repairs
  • Purchasing Activity Controls
  • Tenant/Vendor Insurance Admin
  • Vendor Contract Evaluation
  • Increased Broker Collaboration
  • Property Tax Appeal Coordination

Tenant Retention Plan

Our tenant retention plan encompasses:

  • Timely¬†responses to tenant inquiries
  • In-depth knowledge of the tenant’s business and space requirements
  • Scheduling routine tenant contact
  • Lease interpretation for the mutual benefit of the tenant and landlord
  • Tenant satisfaction surveys

Additional Services

Our additional services offerings include:

  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Tenant Improvement Management
  • Lease Facilitation
  • Consulting
  • Capital Expenditures Management
Tenant Service Request

To place a service request or seek a customized quote, call our tenant service center at (602) 234-2340 or send us a message.